About us

Since 2004 FINSAD Group Ltd. has been producing and distributing spare parts and consumables for crushing and mining equipment, as well as supplying machinery and equipment for the mining industry.

The main office and warehouse of FINSAD Group Ltd. are located in Helsinki, Finland. Regional offices are located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty; in the Republic of Belarus, Gatovo.

The main goal of FINSAD Group Ltd. is to provide mining companies with high-quality spare parts, consumables and equipment in the shortest possible time at the best prices.

The main objective of FINSAD Group Ltd. is to work closely with mining companies to reduce capital and operating costs, reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity.

Our partners

Our contacts

Office in Finland

Sahaajankatu 24, 00880 Helsinki
tel.: +358 30 670 5050, fax.: +358 30 670 5051

Office in Belarus

220017, Minsk region, Gatovo, № 600/с96057, office 35
tel.: +375 (29) 170 89 10

Office in Kazakhstan

050040, Almaty, Radostovca str. 152/6, office 313
tel.: +7 (727) 275 11 63